Biographic Information

Your Name

You have already entered this information when you created your account, but you can view what you entered here. If you need to make changes to how your name is displayed, click the link to your profile page to make those corrections.

Alternate Name

If you are sending any documentation to VMCAS where your name is listed differently than it appears on your application, you MUST COMPLETE THIS SECTION. Failure to complete this section can prevent important documents from being matched to your application.

Examples of alternate names include:
  • Maiden names
  • Nicknames
  • “Westernized” names
  • Alternate punctuation (your name appears with or without a hyphen or apostrophe)
  • Alternate spacing (your name appears with or without specific spaces)
  • Known misspellings (if a document contains a misspelling)


Select Male, Female, or Decline to State.

Birth Information

Enter your birth date, in the format MM/DD/YYYY. For example, “01” would be listed for the month of January. Also indicate the Country, State/U.S. territory (No State/International if non U.S), and County of your birth.