Citizenship Information

Citizenship Details:

Select your current citizenship status and country of citizenship.  If you hold dual citizenship, please indicate the second country of citizenship.

Residency Information:

Indicate your legal state and county of residency, and how long you have maintained residency there. The state listed in this section should be the state of legal residence at the time of application, not at the time of expected enrollment in a veterinary program. If you believe you can claim legal residency or domicile in more than one state, or your residency will change prior to enrollment, please contact your school designations directly to discuss this matter, as well as to obtain residency requirement information. VMCAS cannot advise applicants on legal residency issues.

Visa Information:

Indicate if you have a Visa, and if so, the visa number, type, issuer information and dates of validity. If you are a non-immigrant, select the type of visa you currently hold, for which you have applied or plan to apply:

Code Visa Description
A1 Diplomatic
A2 Other foreign government official or employee and members of immediate family
B2 Visitor or Pleasure/prospective student
E1 Treaty trader or family
E2 Treaty investor or family
F1 Student
 F2  Family of Student
 H1  Temporary worker of distinguished merit and ability
 H2  Temporary worker performing services otherwise unavailable in the United States
 H4  Family of H visa holder
 I  Representative of foreign information media or family
 J1  Exchange visitor
 J2  Family of exchange visitor
 L1  Intercompany transferee
 L2  Family of alien who is classified L1
 M1  Vocational school student
 M2  Family of vocational school student
 AM  Amnesty recipient defined by INS
 AS  Political/religious asylum defined by INS