Helpful Hints:

  • You can begin adding Parent/Guardian information by selecting the blue “+ Add a Parent/Guardian” button
  • Responses to Parent/Guardian questions are required for ALL applicants.
  • Please note that you can use the explanation statement for any responses in this section that require more information.
  • VMCAS institutions MAY use this information to determine residency.

Parent Info:

Provide basic information for the parent/guardian.

Parent Residency:

Provide residency information for the parent/guardian.

Parent Occupation:

Indicate the profession the parent/guardian using the drop-down menu choose “other” if the profession is not included on the list.

Parent Education:

Provide the Highest level of education and the school where that education took place for this parent/guardian.

Parent Household:

Indicate if this parent/guardian is the head of your primary household and how many people other than your parent/guardian lived in your primary household during the majority of your life from birth to age eighteen?