Standardized Tests

Helpful Hints

  • Click here to determine what tests are required for your schools, and to determine the latest date you should take your tests.


The “Standardized Tests” section of the application allows you to self-report your scores from standardized tests you have taken or to report tests you plan on taking in the future. This section is not required to submit your VMCAS application and does not affect your application’s status. However, please check with your designated programs before deciding whether or not to list your scores here.

WARNINGAlthough self-reporting your scores in the “Tests” section is not required by VMCAS, some veterinary programs REQUIRE applicants self-report their GRE scores in this section.

To add a new entry, click the “Add Test Score” button beneath either the GRE, MCAT, IELTS, or TOEFL to list your scores. You can report multiple scores.   After application submission, NEW test entries can be added to this section, however, previous entries CANNOT be updated or deleted. 

VMCAS allows you to enter scores for GRE, MCAT, IELTS, and TOEFL only. If your programs would like additional test scores, you must provide these to them directly. Self-reporting your scores in this section is not the same as providing the official scores to your programs. Please see each test section below for instructions on how to provide your programs with your official scores.

  • GRE
  • MCAT


Official GRE Scores are submitted electronically to VMCAS directly from ETS using a special program-specific VMCAS GRE code. PAPER COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. There is not one VMCAS GRE code; each veterinary program has it’s own code, which is different than the school’s regular GRE code. If you select a code to have your scores sent to, only the school with that code can see your scores.

Official GRE scores from ETS can be received by VMCAS at any point during the application cycle, even after your application has been e-submittedHowever, some programs may have a deadline by which they want your scores posted.

IMPORTANT: Once your Official GRE scores are attached to your application, they CANNOT be removed should you decide you no longer want your school designations to view them. Determine whether you would like your GRE scores to be a part of your VMCAS application BEFORE requesting an official score report.

Not all programs have a VMCAS ETS code. Review the list below to determine if your designated program has a VMCAS ETS code. If it does, use this code to request your scores. If your school designation is NOT on this list, contact them directly to determine how they would like you to report your GRE scores.


This list contains all VMCAS programs who have signed up for a VMCAS GRE code.  If your school designation is not on this list, please contact them directly to determine how they would like you to report your GRE scores.

VMCAS Program ETS Code
University of Florida 5753
Purdue University 1573
University of Tennessee 2104
Iowa State University 6315
University of Pennsylvania 2775
Mississippi St University 1326
Oregon State University 4565
University College Dublin 0769
Michigan State University 1572
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine 2639
University of California, Davis 4804
Oklahoma State University 6558
University of Georgia 5752
Cornell University 7873
Ohio State University 7872
University of Missouri 7268


Q: How do I request that my standardized test scores be sent to VMCAS colleges?

A: When you take any standardized test required for admission, you will be asked to designate where you wish to have the scores sent. Please refer to the table above to determine which schools have set up a VMCAS GRE code. If your school is listed above, please use that specific GRE code. Not all schools have a VMCAS GRE code. Score reports for schools not listed above should be sent directly to those institutions.

Q: Can I use a past VCAT score?

A: The Psychological Corporation used to administer the VCAT, but that test is no longer available.

Cornell University