Verification is the process by which VMCAS staff checks your Transcript Entry for comparison with your official transcripts. When there are a few errors (fewer than 5), corrections will be made for you. If there are a significant number of errors in your coursework section, it will be undelivered to you for correction. Until your application is verified, your designations are unlikely to begin reviewing your application.

Requirements to begin Verification:

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Submitted VMCAS Application

You will need to complete all of the required fields on the VMCAS application, click on the “Pay and Submit this Program” button in the My Program Selections section of the  application and follow through all of the screens including the payment screen.

VMCAS application payment received

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information as part of the submission process. Please be aware that as with most online transactions, your payment may take a few moments to process. Be sure not to close your application window until you are sure that your payment has been completed, and do not click multiple times, as that may cause your credit card to be charged multiple times.

At least THREE submitted evaluations aka letters of reference (e-LORs)

You MUST get at least THREE evaluations completed by September 15, 2016.

ALL official U.S. and English-speaking Canadian transcripts received by VMCAS

Once all of these requirements are satisfied, your application will be placed in line for verification.

Q: I received an e-mail when I was verified telling me that “There may have been changes made to your “Coursework” section.” How do I see what was changed on my coursework section?

A: Changes which MAY have been made during verification typically fall into one of the following categories:
  • Information you reported in Transcript Entry did not match what we saw on your official transcript.
  • You picked a course subject for one or more of your courses which was incorrect based on the course prefix and course title listed on your application.