• Make sure you have sent official transcripts from every US and English-speaking Canadian Institution to VMCAS.
  • Review the AAVMC Privacy Policy athttp://www.aavmc.org/data/files/students_advisors/aavmcprivacypolicy.pdf
  • Make sure you have registered three evaluators in the eLOR section.
    • You can register a maximum of six evaluators in this section.
    • Make sure you have verified that the evaluator’s computer system accepts emails fromnoreply@vmcas.org and that the email request, once sent, was received by your evaluator.
    • If there are extenuating circumstances as to why an evaluator cannot complete an electronic evaluation, then VMCAS must be contacted.
  • Do not send supplemental applications and supplemental fees (if applicable) to VMCAS. Send these materials to your designated colleges prior to the deadline.
  • VMCAS does not provide refunds under any circumstances, including when an applicant accidentally chooses the wrong school or if an applicant pays but never submits an application. Sending payment to VMCAS signals your intent for VMCAS to process your materials, regardless of whether they are completed or not.
  • Changes cannot be made to the application once it has been submitted. Proofread your application before submitting.
  • Review college specific requirements which includes the following:
  • Print a copy of your completed application and confirmation page for your records.
    • To print your submitted application, go to the “Check Status” section of the application and click the blue   button on the right  next to whichever school you choose. This will bring up a PDF of your entire application. Save and print this PDF for your records. The application preview is not available until after application submission.
  • You will not be able to access your application once the VMCAS application closes for the season.Your confirmation page is proof that your application was submitted and received successfully by VMCAS.
  • Record and file your VMCAS ID, user name and password.
 Application Certification:

I certify that all the information and statements I have provided in this application are correct and complete, including any statement regarding my state of residence. I certify that, as required in the application, I have read all application instructions, identified all sources of information related to my college attendance and credits, all actions by a university or other institution, and all information of any criminal record in any jurisdiction. I have read and understand all notices contained with the application and the VMCAS Web page informing me of my obligation to provide true and complete answers to all questions. I understand that withholding pertinent information requested on this application, or giving false information, may be grounds to deny me admission to a veterinary college participating in VMCAS or may be grounds to expel me from such college after I have been admitted. I have read and understand the VMCAS Application Deadline Policy and the VMCAS Refund Policy.

I give my permission to officials at all institutions that I have attended to release information requested by any college of veterinary medicine to which I have applied.