Full Program List (Adding and Removing Programs)

This tab contains a list of all programs participating in the VMCAS application, sorted alphabetically by school.  This list can be filtered by school name or by school location by state.

In this tab you can select the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine to which you wish to apply. You can only select from those programs which are currently participating in VMCAS. You can add up to 39 programs on your application. If you are applying to a program other than those listed in this section, please list that college in the “Other Applications” section.

Before adding programs in this tab, VMCAS strongly recommends that you review the requirements of each program to which you are applying and confirm that you meet all of their admissions criteria. Review each school page on the College Descriptor Pages: (http://aavmc.org/College-Specific-Requirements/College-Specific-Requirements_College-Specifications.aspx)


1. Click “Add Program” on the left-hand side of the Application Dashboard to add schools to your application.

2. Select “Full Programs List” tab to search for a veterinary program. You can filter our list by school name, state, start term, and/or deadline, or you can scroll through the entire list.

3. Select the blue plus symbol (+)  to the left of a program’s name to add this school to your program list. Select the “UNDO” button to the right of the school entry to remove it. Please note that the application requires you to have at least ONE program selected at all times. If you wish to remove a program and you only have one selected, you will need to select a second program before the UNDO option will appear for the first.

4. Once you have selected a program, it will appear on the “Add Program” tab AND under the “Check Status” section of the application. You will be required to complete the “Add Program” section before submission. Please see the “Program Materials” section of our instructions for information on how to complete this section.

WARNING: Once you submit your application, you are committed to applying to the programs you have selected and NO programs can be removed. VMCAS CANNOT give a refund if a selection was made in error, nor can we transfer the payment to another designation.

5. After submission, you can continue to add programs from the list to apply to up until the deadline, which is on 11:59 PM EST September 15, 2016.

Foreign Applicant Exceptions

The following schools require a VMCAS application from U.S. applicants while Canadian applicants MUST contact the school directly to obtain an application to apply to the following schools:

  • University of Guelph–Ontario Veterinary College (Canada)
  • University of Prince Edward Island–Atlantic Veterinary College (Canada)

U.S. and Canadian citizens MUST use the VMCAS application while international students MUST contact the school directly to obtain an application to apply to the following schools:

  • Royal Veterinary College (England)
  • University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • University of Glasgow (Scotland)
  • University College Dublin (Ireland)

U.S. and Canadian citizens may use either VMCAS or may contact the school directly while international students MUST contact the school directly to obtain an application to apply to the following schools:

  • Massey University (New Zealand)


Q: Can my programs see which other schools I have applied to on VMCAS?

A: NO. Your programs do not have access to other programs you have applied to via your VMCAS application.

Q: Can I add more programs to apply to AFTER I submit my application?

A: Yes. When you submit your application, it will only be visible to the school(s) for which you have used the Pay and Submit this Program button and subsequently paid for in the Add Programs tab.  You may add programs at any time up until the end of the application cycle as long as their individual deadlines have not passed. Please navigate to the “my programs” section of your application and select “update designations” to add your additional schools.

Q: My application was undelivered back to me to make changes. While it’s open I would like to add more schools to apply to. Why can’t I find the designations button?

A: You cannot add programs to apply to while your application is in an “undelivered” status. You must first make the required corrections to your application and re-deliver it to VMCAS. Once this has been done, you may designate additional programs to apply to.