Application Section: Manage My Programs

APPLICATION SECTION: MANAGE MY PROGRAMS On the left hand side of the VMCAS dashboard you will find the “Manage My Programs” button This will bring you to the Program Management section of the application, displaying the My Program Selections tab. In this section you will manage the programs you have added to your application, add and remove programs from your application, and monitor the status of your application for these programs. The three tabs in this section are: Full Program List (Adding and Removing Programs) Add Programs (Submitting and Paying for Programs) Program Status Warning REMINDER: THE VMCAS DEADLINE IS: SEPTEMBER 15th, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST VMCAS STRONGLY recommends you e-submit your application and have all transcripts and references received by August 15th, 2016 in order to allow time for the verification process. Every year, VMCAS comes across applicants that wait until the last minute to submit their application. Statistics show that most applicants last year applied within the final two weeks of the cycle. NOTE: You should allow 10-15 minutes after hitting the e-submit button to complete the payment portion of the application. VMCAS and the Veterinary schools recommend that you submit your application to VMCAS EARLY!! Applying before the last two weeks leading up to the deadline will help you avoid any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays when completing the Web application. This may include: web congestion, internet service provider problems, or credit card challenges. Waiting until the final weeks of the cycle increases the risk of these issues and may prevent you from successfully submitting your application on time. This could cause you to have to wait another year to apply to veterinary school. VMCAS rarely approves deadline extensions and the appeal process through the Admissions Committee can be quite lengthy. Please note that you can submit your completed application, including your three registered evaluators, to VMCAS prior to your evaluators submitting their eLORs. VMCAS and the Veterinary schools strongly recommend that you take this warning seriously. All time is Eastern Standard Time and is determined by the clock on the application server. Server time is set by the official atomic clock at It is your responsibility to meet the application deadline.

Full Program List (Adding and Removing Programs)
Full Program List (Adding and Removing Programs) This tab contains a list of all programs participating in the VMCAS application, sorted alphab...
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Add Programs (Submitting and Paying for Programs)
Add Programs (Submitting and Paying for Programs) This page displays your progress for all programs you have added from the Full Program Listin y...
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Program Status
Program Status The Program Status tab displays your application status separately for each program to which you have applied. These are the statuses throu...
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