Program Status

The Program Status tab displays your application status separately for each program to which you have applied. These are the statuses through which your application may pass.

In-Progress:  This application has not yet been submitted to VMCAS. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification that your application was submitted.

Received > Awaiting Materials:  Your application has been submitted and your fees have been paid, but you are still missing transcripts, evaluations, or program specific questions and materials which are required to become complete.

Materials Received > Verifying:  Your application is complete and in line for verification.

Undelivered:  An error has been found and your application has been returned to you for correction. It must be corrected and re-delivered to VMCAS in order to be processed.

Verified: Your application has been processed and your GPA has been calculated. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification that your application was verified.

Awaiting Materials Interface:

TRANSCRIPTS AND PAYMENTScan be tracked on the ”Check Status” tab.Click “View Payment History” under each program to view your payment receipt.Hover over “Awaiting Materials” button to view transcript info, including which transcripts have and have not been received: TRANSCRIPTS


Q: Will VMCAS e-mail me about the status of my application?

A: VMCAS will notify you via e-mail once you create your application, then again when you submit your application, and finally when your application has been verified. VMCAS will also contact you regarding problematic application materials or incomplete/incorrect information found on your application during the verification process. VMCAS will NOT notify applicants in the case of missing documents, including transcripts. If you wish to see if your application is complete, you MUST check the “Check Status” section of your application.

Make sure the e-mail address listed on the VMCAS application is your current e-mail account. You should check your e-mail account frequently, as well as the “Messages” section of your online application for important information throughout the application process.